Here are some helpful links related to rheumatology wellness:

Doc Brown's 7 Quick Wellness Tips:

Doc Brown's 7 Quick Diet tips:

    1) Decrease calorie intake and read food labels:
    • Understand calories and serving size per container
    • Understand carbohydrates: “good” Carbs vs “Bad” Carbs
    • Avoid calories from saturated fats

    2) Avoid WHITES "Bad Carbs":
    • White bread  >>>  Whole wheat bread
    • White potato  >>>  Sweet potato
    • Pasta  >>>  Whole wheat pasta

    3) Portion Control
    • Use smaller plates: 8 inch salad plate is best
    • Eat only 2/3 or less of meals at restaurants
    • Take the rest home, and have it another day

    4) How to eat a meal?
    • First eat vegetables/fruit
    • Then LEAN protein: fish, poultry, soy, etc
    • Leave carbohydrates for last: brown rice, wheat pasta, sweet potato

    5) Avoid liquid calories
    • No regular soda, sweeten iced tea, fruit drinks
    • OK: 2% milk, flavored water, diet soda
    • Lemon flavored ice cold water is refreshing & filling

    6) Avoid skipping meals: may make you more prone to gain weight
    • Avoid unhealthy snacking
    • OK: Nuts, vegetables, fruit, yogurt, cheese

    7) Be good to yourself
    • Moderate exercise for 150 min/week with target Heart Rate = 170 – your age
    • Your mind & body work best with 7-9 hrs per night of RESTFUL sleep
    • Take a good multivitamin daily